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I. - Excerpt 1
I. - Excerpt 2


I. (2LP)

Label: Torto Editions

Format: 2LP

Genre: Experimental

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Originally released in 2016 by Klopotec and ZARŠ on cd, Širom first album “I”, will see the light again on a double gatefold vinyl, including two unreleased magical tracks from the same record session, out via Torto Editions. The metaphysic and the “out of time” stream of (alt)counsciousness gets richer and even wider vibrations on this new vinyl edition. The new tracklist developed on four sides helps to give the record a spacier, deeper and detailed texture.

"Slovenia bordering the border with Austria and Italy, located most west of Balkan. History, this place where western music and oriental music have intertwined. Ethnic music of the past and modern music also crossed in this place, and it became a new wind. "Silom" an ensemble trio using various string instruments, xylophones, percussion, creative musical instruments. This work recorded with acoustic performance that draws out the unique sounds of instruments such as The Necks and Richard Skelton is a one-out recording without overdubbing. Combining well-composed parts and improvised parts well, three members playing while changing instruments, respectively. Deep sounding like Alvo Pelt, the development of dynamic songs and impressive Roman style violin, the sound of beautiful silk phones (the creative musical instruments) in the development part, colorful multinational poly rhythms, the vibration of stringed instruments shaking emotion."- Amorfon

Cat. number: n/a
Year: 2020

Brand new mastering by Udi Koomran.

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