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Tommaso Rolando, Jean Renè

Do. So (LP)

Label: Torto Editions

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Tommaso Rolando and Jean Renè met thanks to Paul Goodwin (front cover painter) and Paolo Bonfiglio. After some live experiences together, in June 2018 they decided to try to record something: the result of a short term session eventually ended with a full album recording. 
The album is published by Torto Editions, a label run by Rolando and Bonfiglio.

Two people, two musicians, two generations, two instruments. Music as a language, a common language.

"It takes two to know one" - Gregory Bateson

Performed by Jean Renè (Viola) & Tommaso Rolando (Contrabass)
Recorded & Mixed by Tommaso Rolando at "Studio Torto" - Genoa, June 6 2018
Mastered by Udi Koomran at the Pergola - Tel Aviv
Cover Painting by Paul Goodwin - "For our sins" 2019, oil on canvas on board (30x30 cm)
Produced by Jean Renè and Tommaso Rolando

Cat. number: TRT001
Year: 2019

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