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Im Schatten Der Mohre


Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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The long awaited CD issue of the long-deleted and sought after fourth H.N.A.S. album. A few months after the original LP version appeared on DOM in June 1987. Jon Carbon (Certain Music) wrote: 'Germany's most bizarre underground terrorists have struck again with an even more surprising blast of avant-weirdness. The group centered around Christoph Heemann and Andreas Martin have created a carefully crafted and most diverse, yet cohesive journey of soundscapes, drones and songs that reminds us of the likes of Faust, Nurse With Wound, Pierrot Lunaire ... the two sides seem to form one long piece that comes across like a surreal bus ride into post-psychedelic wonderland...' Reissues of the other HNAS albums are in preparation featuring remastered versions of the original tapes and faithfully restored original artwork.
Cat. number: STREAM 1013
Year: 2002

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