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Joan of Arc (Book + CD)

Label: Recital

Format: book + CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock


**Edition of 200** Joan Of Arc is a project conceived by Eric Schmid and Sean McCann, running in line with St. Francis and St. Paul. This series of CD and pamphlets, writings bounded together with unbounded audio elements. Schmid and McCann roped in professional vocalist Christina Stanley to sing the last piece, which is a tip to Ulises Carrión's "Hamlet, For Two Voices", pulled from Friedrich Schiller's Maid Of Orleans (1801). Matthew Sullivan dusted off his pain tongs and sent over some sounds to re-actualize the past in fine fashion. This album is a conversation with/examination of the past. An epic poem, The Story of Joan of Arc (1796), by Tim Weidmann is included, which is impressively deep and detailed and beautiful -- along with a philosophical lead by young writer Jack Kahn, softly read by Mattea Landry as the first track of the disc. CD housed in a 50-page pamphlet; Edition of 200.

Cat. number: R 037cd
Year: 2017

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