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Keys to the Universe
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jaws - Keys to the Universe
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Keys to the Universe

€ 16.00 € 8.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. H022 | YEAR. (2015)

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2014 Release. Jaws is a reality based sound and performance project by Robert Girardin. Influenced by the everyday rhythmic impressions of sight and movement, it uses electronics and voice to put forth a dense and slithering sound with lyrics reflecting the labrythine confines and possibilities of life. In late 2011 Jaws released his first, the crash-informed ‘Stress Test’ on Hundebiss Records. This was followed by a collaboration with Milan’s Dracula Lewis as the Sex Boyz, a post-analogue reimagining of two sneering Germs songs, released on Ultra Eczema.
In 2012 Jaws was the inaugural act for Ashland Mine’s highly-praised “Blasting Voice” performance series, staged at the Suzanne Geiss gallery in downtown Manhattan. A former recording and touring member of NYC's Excepter.
He is a current member of Hippos In Tanks act White Car. Jaws’ next release is the ‘Keys To The Universe’, an exuberant, crushing visualization of life from the top of the heap.

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