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Gaetano Liguori, Giulio Stocchi, Demetrio Stratos

La Cantata Rossa Per Tall El Zaatar

Label: Sensible Records

Format: CD

Genre: Folk

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2015 restock. Demetrio Stratos from Area teamed up with jazz musicians Gaetano Liguori anf Giulio Stocchi for this special album released back in 1976, after the Tall El Zaatar massacre in Palestine. Stratos delivers the sung words (and the guttural excursions) together with Concetta Busacca while bassist Roberto Del Piano and drummer Pasquale Liguori are heads of the jazzy rhythm section. G. Ligouri's piano playing is minimalistic and nice in a contemporary classical way. Sometimes the album even reaches the heights of Pholas Dactylus' Concerto della Menti'

Cat. number: ssb017
Year: 2001