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Included in:

    Paul Panhuysen

    Le jeu & les regles

    Label: Les Presses Du Réel

    Format: CD+Book

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    Bilingual edition (English-French) 22,5 x 24,5 cm (softcover). Edited by Yvan Etienne. Texts by Paul Panhuysen, Jaap Bremer, Yvan Etienne, Michel Giroud, Rahma Khazam, Paul Kuypers, Helga de la Motte-Haber, Rene van Peer, Rolf Sachsse, Louis Ucciani.This publication is the first monograph on the artist, musician, performer, organizer, attempting to disclose the complex articulations between multiples activities and to introduce sound and contextual art problematic. The texts present various approaches and activities of Paul Panhuysen, a general introduction, archives, music installations, paintings, in situ installations, games, Het Apolohuis activities and theoretical positions. The pictures illustrate differents projects of Panhuysen's work (in situ installations, technical plan, exhibitions views), collected in different classifications: sound installation with long fine wire, installation with bird, game, painting... and the graphic design couch with diffent color and form. The audio CD Small Samples, Many Pieces is made up of small samples and a variety of sound art works. It presents sounds produced by musicians, animals and objects, composed music and improvisations, acoustical, amplified and electronic sounds. There are pieces based on calculus, but on intuition as well. In many works image and sound go together. This multitude and variety of impulses are typical for the artist Paul Panhuysen.




    Cat. number: isbn9782840662181
    Year: 2009
    Genre: Electronic
    bilingual edition (English / French)
    22,5 x 24,5 cm (softcover)
    320 pages (color & b/w ill.), audio CD included