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Long String Installations - 1
Long String Installations - 2
Long String Installations - 3

Paul Panhuysen

Long String Installations 1982-1985 (3Lp Box)

Label: Apollo

Format: LPx3

Genre: Sound Art

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**Rare original, few copies available** 3LP boxset with 40 pages booklet in English with artwork and photos, by Paul Panhuysen and Johan Goedhart which compiles several performances and installations by this two artists around Europe. Born 1934, Panhuysen was heavenly involved with the fluxus-related "De Bende Van De Blauwe Hand" before founding the Maciunas quartet. Increasingly concentrated in sound-art, he went on to produce the remarcable sound installations known as "Long String Installations"·    

Since 1982 Panhuysen has created over 200 such installations, playing the strings with his fingers, connecting them to pianos, letting them vibrate in the wind, always changing, always finding new sounds, and doing so with a particularly good sense of how the strings should look, and how they should relate to the architecture around them. Two aspects were of central interest to him: different tunings and density of sound. He made an installation in the large space of Het Apollohuis, stretching four strings lengthwise and attaching them to the wooden wall on the far end, which served as a resonator. He did not use automatons or electric amplification. He played the strings by brushing them, walking back and forth at an even pace. His aim was to make his playing as continuous and even as possible.

Minimal, hypnotical soundscapes and drones which will be surely of interest to fans of minimalism, avant garde, experimental, sound installations, broken music, art records, LaMonte Young, Terry Riley, Yoshi Wada, Charlemagne Palestine, Ellen Fullman, Cristina Kubisch, Fluxus, Joseph Beuys.

Cat. number: AR 088502
Year: 1986