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Singing - 1
Singing - 2
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Shelley Hirsch

Singing (Lp)

Label: Apollo

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Sound Art

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**Very rare original 1987 LP, few copies available** Tip! Divining speech, lyrical fragments solos and duos with percussist /drummer Samm Bennett and multi instrumentalist David Simons. Shelley Hirsch born June 9, 1952 in Brooklyn, New York is an American performance artist, composer, improviser, and writer.  "I grew up in an apartment building in East New York, Brooklyn. I remember my father coming home after a long day of manual labor, putting records on the turntable, and creating enchantment. I remember capturing a piece of a remembered song that we danced to, and singing it in the reverberant hallways. I was fascinated by how the sound transformed as I moved through different locations in the building and out onto the street, recycling narratives while collecting sonic and visual images along the way. My work today, conjuring locations, landscapes, personas, finding language, streaming consciousness, forming stories—is an extension of these childhood investigations, which I channel through my compositions, improvised vocal performances, staged multimedia and site-specific pieces, narrative radio plays, and sound installations. The work reverberates in real and imagined places inside and outside of the body which is my recorder, and the storage house of memory."

Cat. number: AR 118706
Year: 1987

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