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The Long String Instrument - excerpt

Ellen Fullman

The Long String Instrument (Lp)

Label: Apollo

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Sound Art

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**Very rare original 1985 LP drone masterpiece, few copies available** Ellen Fullman (b. Memphis, Tennessee, 1957) is a composer. Known principally for music she has written for an instrument she invented, the long string instrument, Fullman studied sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute. She has performed with the Deep Listening Band and Paul Panhuysen.
“The Long String Instrument (LSI) produces a unique almost orchestral sound, based on the overtones produced by longitudinally vibrating long strings.
Tuned in just intonation, the long string instrument (performed with Arnold Dreyblatt) is played by walking along the length of incredibly long strings and rubbing them with rosined hands. This produces longitudinal vibrations, and her music explores the nodes of vibration. Her early pieces were notated with choreography.

Cat. number: AR 118501
Year: 1985