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Gil Trythall

Luxicon II, Echospace

Label: Creel Pone

Format: CDr

Genre: Electronic

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Gil Trythall’s two late-60s “Country” themed Moogsploitation LPs are of course the gilded arches that keep the genre airborne, but it’s this 1980 collection on the minuscule, West Virginia-based Pandora records imprint that’s always been the real show of Trythall’screative vision. While “Luxicon II's” gorgeous deep-bass filtering, runaway arpeggiations, & spot-on “Electro” -tinged drum-machine gork is the stuff of legend, I maintain that “Echospace” beats a good chunk of time-lag architect Terry Riley’s synth / organ / tape-echo work at it’s own game - it’s a sublimely deep aggregate of flowing sections, each involving pristine, fluttering auto-quantized flights of fancy that do it for me on so many levels that it’s now one of my all-time favorite pieces of music in any genre. 

New Creel Pone spec involves not just a double-sided approach - offering a pixel-perfect reproof the record & labels themselves on the inside - try scanning it under your JVC optical & you must might hear some sound - but a vastly improved audio restoration tech that results in a virtually spotless audio experience, just in time for 2010.

Cat. number: CP 103CD
Year: 2017

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