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Every Hidden Color



Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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From the very start the world around you is singing. There's a distant conversation spoken through the trees, but it stays unclear against the clarity of the songs of the forest. Within that life the forms of the heart open up, as if immediately transported to a city-wide window, with only the view of afternoon traffic below, the burning concrete, and the inside of a small apartment. Nothing more than a toy piano lifting its head over the plumes of steam from a cup of tea. Momentary narratives of the content of autumn breathe like the next nap of an afternoon, simple in their inspirational emotion, but symbolic in the whole they form. Ideas are included, and inside, we are reminded of the focus of the ecstasy of music. Changes approach, but the heartbeat remains, steady like a poem. There's something hidden inside this surrounding world, something much deeper, elevatory and true. Luz is the debut by Every Hidden Color, the duo of Federico Durand and Nicholas Szczepanik

Cat. number: STREAMLINE 1033
Year: 2012

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