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Man Coda - excerpt 1
Man Coda - excerpt 2
Man Coda - excerpt 3


Man Coda (Lp)

Label: Music for Special Experiences

Format: LP

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Edition of 300. Killer Aussie LP from from 1981. This is completely off-the-hook abstract Australian psych-rock. At the time self-produced by the Quasar and never formally distributed, copies of this super-limited pressing were creeping their way across the globe, and eentually it has been reissued. Recorded direct to digital tape by just a drummer, bassist, and guitarist, the sounds run the gamut from surging, moody, textural, and nearly beatless masterpieces like “Man Coda” and “Reality’s Way” to the tense, jazzy, and angular “The Little Prince” to the stupid ill cut “Zeitgeist,” an all-out sonic rock assault that would make Les Claypool shit in his pants. This song also has an insane drum intro. Demented genius
Cat. number: MFSE LP1-0015
Year: 2018