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Nebular Trajectory - excerpt


Nebular Trajectory (Lp)

Label: Music for Special Experiences

Format: LP

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Edition of 300. Quasar's debut LP , originally released in 1979. Nebular Trajectory's deceptively straight opening salvo scarcely prepares one for the deeply blasted kraut inspired vision of jazz rock that ensues. Dzyan's "Time Machine" is the most immediate and obvious reference point for the sizzling but liquidly loose interplay of their power-trio-plus-effects set-up. Man Coda if anything raises the stakes further by plunging the entire proceedings even deeper "into the pudding" via a further loosening up of the collective language and an openness to the soundstage redolent of Terje Rypdal's classic "Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away".
Cat. number: MFSE LP1-0014
Year: 2018