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fabio orsi

Memory of a safe place
€ 15.50
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fabio orsi - Memory of a safe place
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fabio orsi

Memory of a safe place

€ 15.50

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. sme1301lp | YEAR. (2013)

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Orsi is an ambient composer and uses synthetic and natural sounds to create his music, that fits the black and white photography quite well. Lots of pictures of nature, and with a sound that seems to stem straight from nature this is music that is probably best enjoyed outside - be it that taking a record player into nature is a bit difficult. That's the only downside of such a release I guess, which is otherwise filled with some great music. In 'Part 1', I believe to hear a mass of voice material, cascading freely but seemingly becoming more of a tidal wave, whereas in 'Part 2' it seems to be revolving around a looped guitar of some kind, locked into an eternal hum. Both sides are of course highly minimal with some very slow developments, placed in all the right places, preventing both parts from being just a single minded drone piece, but more a free floating experience in sound. Very sober in execution, both sound and image, but very nice altogether. (FdW)

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LTD 250. The 13 "issues" series is a 16-page A4 magazine that includes 13 pages dedicated to graphic or photographic works strictly related to an audio counterpart that comes in the form of a 12" record pressed on virgin white vinyl and housed in a transparent PVC sleeve.

Phonograpic record: Memory Of A Safe Place
Photographic work: La Foresta Non Fa Paura

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