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MOT - Excerpt 1
MOT - Excerpt 2
File under: ImprovisedAbstract

Andrea Borghi, Giacomo Salis, Paolo Sanna

Mot (tape)

Label: Tsss Tapes

Format: TAPE

Genre: Experimental

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**100 copies** In this album the percussionists Salis and Sanna collaborate with the sound artist and electroacoustic composer Andrea Borghi.

Borghi's work is based on targeted and multidisciplinary research processes and includes sculptural objects, installations, obsolete media and electronics.

In the trio execution, abstraction is not pushed too far and melodic elements are allowed. Electronic components and the percussive sounds are subtly integrated. 

Andrea Borghi: prepared turntable, electronics
Giacomo Salis: percussion, objects
Paolo Sanna: percussion, objects

Recorded January-February 2020
Mastered by Francesco Covarino

File under: ImprovisedAbstract
Cat. number: tst011
Year: 2020

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