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Jon Appleton

Music for Synclavier and Other Digital Systems

Label: Folkways Records

Format: Custom CD

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**2020 stock** Electro-acoustic musician/composer Jon Appleton plays a variety of digital instruments which, in his words, “obtain timbres and textures which convey expressive character through my work.” Instruments used in this recording are the Dartmouth Digital Synthesizer, the Synclavier, and the MUSSE of Sweden’s Stiftelsen Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm. The five pieces span the years 1974 to 1977 and include Appleton’s first digital piece “Zoetrope.” Liner notes include short introductions to all five pieces and a biography of Appleton, a celebrated composer and teacher. Appleton’s technical prowess and innovation in the field of creating digital synthesizers was fostered, as he notes, by his collaborations with engineers Sydney Alonso and Cameron Jones.

This CD is a custom made copy from Smithsonian Folkways collection. Every effort has been made to preserve its historical and aural integrity. The original liner notes are include as a PDF file on the disc or are available here


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