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Musica Algorithmica - Excerpt 1
Musica Algorithmica - Excerpt 2
Musica Algorithmica - Excerpt 3
Musica Algorithmica - Excerpt 4

Clarence Barlow

Musica Algorithmica (2 CD)

Label: Maria de Alvear World Edition

Format: 2 CD

Genre: Compositional

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*2020 stock* This CD is the first release to present such a large number of works by Clarence Barlow. This fascinating spectrum of his life's work, thrown into relief by the complexity of his pieces, illustrates his career as a composer. It is a great honour for us to publish his oeuvre. - Maria de Alvear

Musica Algorithmica is a double CD with music by the composer Clarence Barlow, residing for many years in Cologne, Germany, currently professor of composition in Santa Barbara, California. The two CDs offer an insight into the composer’s work, on the one hand with pieces for an ensemble of eleven players and for full orchestra and on the other for an ensemble of nine players or less and for soloists.

CD One, which has been in the planning for almost ten years, contains meanwhile historical recordings of "Im Januar am Nil" for chamber ensemble (recorded in 1988 by Ensemble Köln, conductor Robert HP Platz) and of two orchestral works, "Orchideæ Ordinariæ" (recorded in 1989 by the South-West Radio Orchestra Baden-Baden, conductor Ingo Metzmacher, soloist KristiBecker) and "Piano Concerto No.2" (recorded in 2002 by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra Reykjavik, conductor HermannBäumer, soloist Deborah Richards).

In contrast, CD Two was recorded in 2016 by members of Ensemble Modelo62 (The Hague, conductor Ezequiel Menalled), containing a series of nine pieces for chamber ensemble and soloists. These pieces, ranging in date of origin from 1966 to 2015, show a broad spectrum of the composer’s work and a clear review of his musical development. Starting with the dodecaphonic, highly structured "Trio for Violin", "Mandolin and Piano" (1966), which remained unperformed for fifty years, the series includes two versions of "...until..." for guitar (1981) and for double bass (2015), "Pinball Play" for clarinet and "three playback tracks" (2010), as well as five more works for a core instrumentation of flute, clarinet, violin and cello, augmented in one or the other piece by a selection of trumpet, marimba, piano, guitar and double bass: "Relationships - Version 1" (1974), "Sachets de ciseaux insatiables" (2002), "Septima de facto" (2006), "vinte e cinco anéis" (2010) and "Für Simon Jonassohn-Stein" (2012).

Cat. number: WE0034
Year: 2018

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