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Musik fur alle

Label: Alga Marghen

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Experimental

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Paul and limpe Fuchs music, better known as Anima, represents the most original and obscure event among German Kraut Rock. Here they play a wonderful and very inspired duet on Paul Fuch's self-built instruments with the pot-production collaboration of Will Neubauer's Echolette Ringmodulater. Privately issued on LP record in 1972 for the artists' own label Altepfarhof, these two 17 minute long improvisations titled 'n da da uum da' and 'traktor go go go' can surely be considered as one of the best psychedelic experiences ever created. Due to the intensity of the recording, Alga Marghen, in agreement with the artists, decided not to add more material to the CD reprint. Presented on digipack CD in a first pressing of 1000 copies. Excerpt from cover notes: 'In the summer of 1971 the authors of this record parked their wooden stage caravan, hauled by a Hanomag tractor, in front of Willy Neubauer's recording studio in Düsseldorf. They had been travelling for 6 months at a speed of 20 km/h through the country, chugging and building up their stage. After touring, they spent three isolated days in the studio and let Willy and his newly discovered electronics add wings to their minds

Cat. number: plana A 4TES.027
Year: 1999

Originally released as an LP by Alter Pfarroh in 1972.

Part of "Tes Series": Non-Codificable Researches of Spontaneous Improvisation and Manipulation of Sound Sources.

Original Mastering: Studio Neubauer, Düsseldorf 1971
Elektronic: Willi Neubauer with Echolette Ringmodulator
Compact Disc Re-Mastering: Elettroformati, Milano, 1999

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