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maciunas ensemble

Number Made Audible
€ 18.50
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maciunas ensemble - Number Made Audible

maciunas ensemble

Number Made Audible

€ 18.50

GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. ACD 039211 | YEAR. (1993)

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Original 1993 edition. Named in tribute to Fluxus-founder, the Maciunas Ensemble (Paul Panhuysen and three others) cross disciplines (art, music and science) with eas11 pieces that investigate invented instruments and recording techniques. Scored variously for groups of duochords (2 string monochords played with motorised rubber bands, hurdy-gurdy style), aluminium monochords, played with felt hammers, guitars with tails (all explained in the excellent booklet with pictures and background on all the instruments and techniques), cellos - using extended techniques, spring strings, bottles (blown) and musical bows, with an interest in layered drones and the exploration of harmonics. Leaping Berates, for cellos and double bass, matches Tony Conrad for its sheer abrasiveness and ability to evoke overtones, while the excellent Macrosonography takes similar textures to an even more raucous level. Not every piece is successful, but the whole album conveys an open-minded, exploratory attitude, full of rich, engaging sonority Mostly species of drone, but careful, thoughtful, considered. 3-fold digipack and informative, illustrated booklet

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