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Mats Gustafsson, Lasse Marhaug

Oslo Tapes

Label: Bocian Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Mats Gustafsson, aka King Skronk, aka Skronkmeister General, aka The Skronk Controller, aka Squeaky Pete, aka Skronkmaster Flash, joins forces with another experimental giant Lasse Marhaug (aka The Ear Destroyer, aka Mr Skreee, aka Electro Crunch Bastard, aka Testicle Hazard) on this sanity-obliterating collaboration. Squeaky reeds go head to head against fluttering, hissing, rotting reels in a shrill, broken, fluttering noise experiment. It sounds horrible, of course, and if you're looking at this item at all then that's probably exactly what you're after. Everything is broken and chopped and then broken again, until it's all just a mangled concrete-and-sandpaper mess of deconstructed sax abuse. If I came home late at night and was bro-ing down with Satan's Satyrs in my room with some weed and some brews and we heard this almighty racket squeaking down from in the attic, I'd stick my head inside and say "Hey Lasse, Mats, there's a guy downstairs with a synth who wants to meet you". This is marriage-ruiningly abrasive, approach with caution.

Cat. number: bc tapes
Year: 2014

Recorded at The Best Studio 15/08/2013

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