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Outlaws in Language and Destiny - excerpt 1

Joana Escoval

Outlaws in Language and Destiny (7" Flexidisc)

Label: Atlas Projectos

Format: 7" Flexidisc

Genre: Sound Art

In stock


**2019 stock** Recordings by Joana Escoval of insects singing in the Costa Rica rainforest and a 180º orthodontic X-Ray in Lisbon, 2013-14. Pressed Mono at 45rpm on clear acetate and encased in a double-sided poster with two found photos: each presenting a child and a bird, both in Amazonia and in Sweden.

Joana Escoval examines how everything is entangled and connected. This is the reason why Escoval’s sculptures can not only be perceived as appearances in their raw, authentic state but as dissolution of matter. When the artist melts the metals and allows them to take the form and the aura of people and space that surround them turning them into conducts of energy, tools for keeping away the bad energy and absorbing the good one

Cat. number: PALM004
Year: 2016

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