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Rhodri Davies

Over shadows

Label: Confront Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Rhodri Davies solo recording for harp and ebows. Recorded January 2004 at the Old School, Bracon Ash, Norfolk. Digipack. "Over shadows" - title courtesy Redell Olsen's "Secure portable space" book - is a single track, 36 minutes long, for harp and eBow. The chief reference name in this composition would obviously appear to be Alvin Lucier, as Davies' subtle juxtaposition of resonant overtones elicits the typical effects of beating between frequencies on the one hand, of marvellous saturation of the auditive channels on the other, especially when one listens to the music via headphones: moments of stunning loss of balance await, and it's just wonderful. A lovely effort worthy of a wide, knowledgeable audience
Cat. number: confront 16
Year: 1970

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