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Gerhard Ruhm

Pencil Music

Label: ? Records

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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Originally released under the title "Bleistiftmusik" as a C30 cassette in a signed and numbered edition of 80 copies by Edition Hundertmark as 74. Karton.
 "I was surprised that it was possible to read the acoustic event from the object drawn, and some insecurity about the association of visual signs and sound phenomena (caused by the directional openness of the reading process) appears to increase even more the attraction of seeing them combined.  The pencil-sound piece did not always remain the by-product of the dominating drawing-process. The dynamics of the sound sequence in its turn often influenced the development of the drawing and determined it significantly.
You will probably notice that even carefully listening to the CD by itself, without producing the images at the same time, has its attraction and betrays its independent musical quality, in other words can be regarded as 'absolute music'. Inversely, it is advisable to look at the drawing independently at times, either as 'pure' visual events or as spatial traces of a hidden music, perhaps caused by energetic processes. This makes one alert and sensitive for the reception of the synaesthetic dimension of the perception of the phenomenal world." Gerhard Rühm

File under: Array
Cat. number: ?rec12
Year: 1970
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