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klaus hashagen

Percussion und Elektronik
€ 13.50
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klaus hashagen - Percussion und Elektronik

klaus hashagen

Percussion und Elektronik

€ 13.50

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CDr | CATALOG N. CP 174CD | YEAR. (2019)

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Quite hard-to-find - I've had the original on my personal wantlist for ages - set of "Percussion und Elektronik" works from German Composer Klaus Hashagen, notable for being the only non-Roland Kayn Electronic title on Colosseum - the label that issued the latter's run of mammoth LP boxes.

On the surface a square, Academic "Drumsploitation" number, this is in fact a beast of pointillist Live-Electronics; the A-side's opening number "Percussion VI - musik für tonband (1959-1973)" offers a fine mood-setting lurch of Tape-mangled percussion elements & stray synthetic bleep - this is followed by two pieces for percussion in mixed settings - solo, then in accompaniment to the Nürnberger Symphoniker - both performed by Stockhausen "Sideman" & noted repertoire percussionist Sigfried Fink. 

But it's the B-side-length "... Trip in the Air ..." wherein things really get cooking; ostensibly "Ein Elektronisches Environment," the wave-field of sliding pitch-scaled Electronic Telemetries & Percussive fury knows no Earthly bounds, taking a heavily Psychedelic path through Cosmic Radiations of the "White Lab Coat" variety - a complete red-herring of divine proportions given the visual aesthetics at play on the sleeve.

Once again, Mr. P.C. C.P. has delved deep into the physical-realm history of Electronic Music & has turned up a sparkling example of what's been all but forgotten about; as we approach the series' 10th anniversary & it's simultaneous collapse, it's good to know there are still gems out there such as this waiting to be discovered.

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