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Phase Eclipse - excerpt 1
Phase Eclipse - excerpt 2

Amirtha Kidambi, Lea Bertucci

Phase Eclipse

Label: Astral Spirits

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

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**200 copies** "Phase Eclipse is the debut of a duo featuring electronics musician Lea Bertucci and vocalist Amirtha Kidambi (both play other instruments, but not on this album). Even to say Bertucci’s on electronics is somewhat misleading, as her instrument on the album is, primarily, a reel-to-reel tape machine, which she uses to manipulate live recording of Kidambi’s vocals. The result is somewhat reminiscent of Peter Evans Quintet, where Sam Pluta plays a similar role as Bertucci does here. But the tactility of the tape reels warp sound in ways digital electronics can only mimic, and Kidambi vocals are, for those familiar with her quartet Elder Ones and Darius Jones’s Elizabeth-Caroline Unit, tremendously complex and equally tactile. Not unlike KVL, the layers of complexity can take a few listens to track, but plumbing the depths is highly rewarding." - Lee Rice Epstein, Free Jazz Blog

Cat. number: AS118
Year: 2019

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