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Bernard Parmegiani


Label: INA - GRM

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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2006 release, presenting 3 versions of "Plain-Temps". Classic new work from the most important INA GRM composer. The first part of the suite, "Le Present Compose" is from 1991, recorded here in 2006. "The second part is "Entre-Temps" from 1992. "The gradual slowing down of the tick-tock sound of a penduluum with which the this piece opens provides us with not only the most symbolic but also the most illusory image of the passing of time. This is followed by by a constantly changing continuum, apparently homogenous and harmonious yet ultimately fragile. In the ever wider intervals that open up between these carefully-timed happenings, soundscapes appear. These resemble certain image-memories of everyday events, some close, some distant." -- Parmegiani. Part three is "Plain Temps", from 1993, recorded in 2006

Cat. number: INA c 2027
Year: 2008

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