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Walter Franco


Label: Polysom

Format: LP

In stock


A bit of an oddball record from Walter Franco, and one we've really come to love over the years! Franco's clearly going for an experimental rock sound here – and while the hard jamming kind of works at odds against that at times, at others, the whole thing gels together nicely in a blend of offbeat guitar work, choppy vocals, and percussion that's almost in the mode of late 70s Peter Gabriel or early 80s Adrian Belew. Judging from the lyrics on the inner sleeve, Franco's been influenced by some of the same concrete poets that Caetano Veloso had been reading – especially on the structurally-influenced tracks like "Mamae D'Agua", "Feito Gente", "Bumbo Do Mundo", and "Revolver". 

Cat. number: 33208-1
Year: 2016