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Black Leather Jesus, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer


Label: Urashima

Format: LP

Genre: Noise

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For over 20 years Black Leather Jesus has been there, watching, waiting, playing in small, poorly-lit rooms. Founded by Richard Ramirez in 1989, everything they do is harsh, chaotic, and completely unlistenable to the sane mind. Ramirez was inspired by the gay S&M scene to create something that will haunt the hallowed halls of your soul. Seattle's incredibly prolific doom metal outfit Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, consisting primarily of members Stan Reed and wm.Rage, have released a slew of Lp,7-inches, splits, CD-Rs, and cassettes, collaborating and conspiring with peers in their community to generate one of the more viciously enviable catalogues of sound-vomit, death, and hatred to ever be thrown against the monolithic brick wall of noise. This release consist of one side with a long new track of each band and the other side with a terrific collaboration track. The record has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 99 copies w/insert in luxury 160 gr ivory paper.

Cat. number: UMA 072
Year: 2014

Limited to 99 copies w/insert in luxury 160 gr ivory paper

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