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Label: Monotype Records

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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ENOUGH!!! is a pan-atlantic trio of well known composers and artists that had enough of everything. Still they don't hide themselves inside caves like hermits or in the shade like junkies - they sigh thrice and then they endlessly move on with their skills like electrons around the atomic nucleus; like the fruits on a thousand years old olive tree; like the harmony of the spheres. Jason Lescalleet has gradually and painstakingly built a compelling discography over the past decade. He uses reel-toreel tape decks to explore the textures of low fidelity analog sounds and the natural phenomena of old tape and obsolete technology. His skill lies as much in reworking, assembling and mastering the material available as in creating it in the first place. He has worked with Ron Lessard, Joe Colley and Phill Niblock, and has released discs on Mattresslessness, Electronic Music and The Pilgrim. CM von Hausswolff is a master of minimalism in both his visual- and sound-art. Since the 1970's, he has worked as a composer, curator and conceptual visual artist. In the 80's, he formed the Radium record label changing the Swedish music scene at the time and forever, releasing everything from pop, nasty garage rock to experimental music and noise. Hausswolff is working with electronic drone, electricity, frequencies, colors, state of minds and so forth. There is always a presence in his work, difficult to explain. Carl Michael von Hausswolff is also one of the kings of the imaginary Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland. Joachim Nordwall is deeply interested in the power of sound, and how sound can create certain states of mind - but also the other way around; how certain states of mind can create sound. Since his teens in the late80's, growing up in the remote, crude south east Sweden, he has experimented with something he prefers to call ÔPsychic Broadcasting' rather than composition, at first in the still almost active analogue synth drone duo Alvars Orkester ÔInterference' - Ash International # Ash 6.9, 2006]. Nordwall went on to play in various experimental music projects, spent time in Paris and London. Back in Sweden he formed iDEAL Recordings in 1998 and joined the sweaty avant punk rock group Kid Commando the year after, touring like mad, eventually hitting rock bottom in 2005. After the death of KC, he formed the ritual rock/drone band The Skull Defekts which has kept him busy ever since (recently releasing records on Chicagobased Thrill Jockey Records). In 2006 his first solo album was released under his 'The Idealist' moniker, entitled 'I Am The Fire'. A few years in the making, the album offered was a deep study of Nordwall's interior life, during a time when everything was pitch black inside. Today, Joachim Nordwall is very active curating his iDEAL label and organisation for festivals, concert series and sound art exhibitions. He is also the chairman of the legendary Stockholm venue for experimental stage art, Fylkingen. Nordwall is a man that lives and breathes sound.

Cat. number: mono069
Year: 2013

Recorded at The Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY December 20, 2011 
Von Hausswolff and Nordwall are published by Touch Music 
Lescalleet is published by Glistening Examples 

Mastered by Lescalleet at Glistening Labs USA. Cover image: "Mother Earth" by Einar Jónsson (1874-1954); photographed 1991 by CM Von Hausswolff. Thanks to Lawrence Kumpf

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