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Giuseppe Ielasi


Label: Hapna

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock

Following last year's incredible 'Gesine' comes Italian experimental guitarist Giuseppe Ielasi's latest full-length, an album which may come as something of a surprise to fans of his earlier work. The obvious inclusion of electronic elements comes at an odd time when the majority of experimental musicians seem to be moving further away from anything electronic rather than embracing it, yet Ielasi manages to infuse a glitchy almost minimal techno frame with the most intriguing guitar structures this side of Derek Bailey. The opening track begins with clouds of ambience, field recordings and distant brass before introducing a light, brushy 4/4 beat. Don't turn away now, this is 4/4 in the way that Signer so effortlessly managed on the seminal 'Low Light Dreams' album; faded, slow and driving rather than geared towards any dancefloor you can bring to mind. The second track takes a more clattering and complex beat structure but retains the haunting orchestral ambience we witness on the opener - it is almost comparable to Philip Jeck's magnificent '7' as realised by Basic Channel, two distinct worlds of thought meeting somewhere in the middle in a refreshing compromise. Distinct and cinematic, Giuseppe Ielasi should appeal to fans of Es, Deaf Center, William Basinski, Pole and the more subdued releases from the Scape label - but this musician's true talent resides in his ability to unearth a distinct voice within a murky swamp of influence. Highly recommended.
Cat. number: H. 28
Year: 2006

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