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Arborvitae - Excerpt

Loren Connors, David Grubbs


Label: Hapna

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Although this might have been released a while back (2003 to be exact!) this is the first time we've managed to get hold of some copies, and those of you who have tracked down Loren Connors' work before (or that of Gastr Del Sol man David Grubbs for that matter) should know just how essential 'Arborvitae' will be before you even hear it. Of course Connors is on guitar and we see Grubbs alternating between guitar and piano (mostly piano) but 'Arborvitae' doesn't just find both artists falling into what they know, rather they play off each others skills and create a sense of deep emotional contact, a sense that the two have respect for each other. This is certainly true for Grubbs, who describes his discovery of Connors' work in 1990 (it was the album 'In Pittsburgh') a revelation, and he went on to re-issue it with Jim O'Rourke on their own label. It could have so easily happened earlier then, but the time it took for the two musicians to sit down and play together was almost inevitable, it gave credence to the phrase 'good things come to those who wait' and the proof is in the listening. It is an almost spiritual experience taking in 'Arborvitae' from beginning to end, Connors' quiet, contemplative playing is as breathtaking as ever and is highlighted by Grubbs' piano. The music feels like these two players have been performing together for years, they show such a level of ease with each other and at no point do you get the feeling that these are minor improvisations. If you haven't managed to grab this album already you should really do so without delay, fans of both artists should be in awe of 'Arborvitae'...
Cat. number: H.13
Year: 2003

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