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Samantha (My Wack Panther)

Label: Ecstatic Peace!

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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Menstruation Sisters hail from Sydney, Australia. Basically a duo comprised of wildboy poet ululationist and guitar strangler Nick Kamiussis (aka Rizili aka Riz) and OZ wonderkid Oren Ambarchi (Sunn 0))), Burial Chamber, Grave Temple, John Zorn etc etc), and sometimes aided by Brendan Walls and others. Their first LP, Ma, was in an edition of 100 copies, all of which had razor blades, balloons and hypodermic needles applied to one side. As an objet d'art it became a highly desirable item for noise believers (and was recently reissued -- sans appliques -- by No Fun Productions). Every once in a while an LP drops out of nowhere only to further confuse whomever is fortunate enough to grip it. 2005 saw the Holy Africa 7" on White Denim, in 2001 the infamous Goog LP on Saucerlike, in 1999 the Dead At Slugs LP on Menlo Park and in 1998 the Triple Bogey On A Ma Par Hole 3x7". All of these are essential documents of one of the most bizarre, genuinely inspired free time outfits working the avant-mind body love/noise worship axis today. This newest LP has been patiently waiting to be released for the last few years, initially a multi-label project instigated by Menlo Park and now fully realized by Ecstatic Peace. Long a champion of Menstruation Sisters after witnessing an out-of-nowhere set at NYC's legendary lost underground experimental oasis The Cooler in the late 90s, Thurston Moore invited the Sisters to open for Sonic Youth in Sydney shortly thereafter and, as inspired and weird as the NYC set was, the Sonic Youth gig was perhaps one of the most astounding question marks of music the seasoned Moore had ever experienced. So we present you Samantha (My Wack Panther) -- a new and beautiful peek into the edge of musical menstruation.
Cat. number: E#4D
Year: 2008

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