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Puppet Island

Label: Planam

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Experimental

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just arrived, this is the Menstruation Sisters 2LP brand new effort, titled “Puppet Island” is a cabaret nightmare number of carnival hell disappearance, a prevocal natterings, no-fi/low-wave crash/bash masterpiece

Day 13.
    The green hell of the jungle stretches around us at all sides. I
feel like I am being driven mad by the constant suffocation of its hot
and terrible embrace. Everywhere, awful vegetable life fights for
supremacy. The nights are more terrible for the noise and darkness.

Day 14.
    Two of our bearers have fled taking most of our dwindling supplies
with them. At least there is water to be found in the streams and
lagoons but it is filthy and brown and if imbibed unboiled gives one
terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. The scotch and tobacco are gone
and we chew coca leaves for the small comfort they afford.

Day 15.
    Jenkins went mad last night. He is nowhere to be seen now. We hear
occasional cries from the North which can only be him.

Day 16.
    We found the ruins of an abandoned village today. There were what
appear to be drums, much like those found in the Congo, hanging from
trees surrounding the village. We saw piles of banana skins amongst
the abandoned grass huts. In the very middle of the settlement we
found a large flat round rock with a pile of hair, a good three feet
high, on it. After a good deal of debate Filbert and I decided that
the hair was of human origin.

Day 17.
    We are restricting our diet to a small handful of cashew nuts each
morning as we rise. We found several more hair mounds in the felled
grounds surrounding the village. These seem darker and more like
animal hair than the mound we discovered yesterday.

Cat. number: planamenses
Year: 2011

Double LP in full colour gatefold sleeve, issued in an edition of 280 copies.


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