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Should Sisters Suck?

Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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i don't know a rabi that yells as high pitched and psycho then nik rizili! and i don't know another guitarist besides oren ambarchi that can make strings sound like yiddish yelling! they do sound like ladies that have their period non stop, since 5 years! and they do sound like they are 456 km away from the hospital while the head of a baby is forcing it's way out of a mangina. so much stress, and strings so loose on a guitar that u can put both your legs and your two arms between the strings and the actual instrument. a hyperactive and creepy and slow carnaval of absolute madness!
reminiscent to the more sparse parts of harry pussy, the screaming of hanatarashi...
limited to 300 copies! comes with an insert, a small poster, a sticker, an etching on the b side, and found footage cover art by dennis tyfus

 ultra eczema soundohm
Cat. number: Ultra Eczema 59
Year: 2008