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Suppression In The Third

Label: Ecstatic Peace!

Format: Vinyl 10

Genre: Noise

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Jason Crumer likes what you like: noise, girls, getting wasted once in while and maybe a spot of trouble here and there. He first started blowing minds as guitarist in the insane sludge punk core outfits Aluminum Noise and Facedowninshit. As well as the ultra-weirdo outfits American Band, Now In Darkness World Stops Turning and Amazing Grace. Since going solo in 2005 he's released fascinating and brainmelting USA noise death on labels like Iatrogenesis, Audiobot, Ignivomous, RRR, Nazot, Chondritic Sound, Misanthropic Agenda, Harsh Head Rituals and Hospital Productions. Roxann Spikula has been creating killer noise action with and without Crumer (as well as her twin sister Rachal in the band Relay For Death) for years in the Raleigh, NC scene. Their particular venue was more focused on experimental moves and Roxann is an amazing proponent of this world. Her work here in conjunction with Crumer is deep and considered and moves from dark drone solace to sick shards of noise hell. This is a double 10" in a gatefold sleeve with art by Roxann
Cat. number: E85h lp
Year: 2009

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