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Lothar Baumgarten

Seven Sounds, Seven Circles

Label: Kunsthaus Bregenz

Format: Book (Hard-Cover edition)

Genre: Sound Art

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English Edition, Hand-signed. This monograph is a compendium of Lothar Baumgarten’s work and artistic thinking. The various essential aspects of his work, such as language, architecture, photography and history are highlighted in four essays. A current interview with the artist, conducted by Christian Rattemeyer, a biography of his work and a well-informed introduction by co-editor Kaira Cabañas make this publication the first seminal book on Lothar Baumgarten. As with many of the artist’s previous book projects, the form and typograph of both these publications were conceived by Walter Nikkels for and with Lothar Baumgarten.

Cat. number: --
Year: 2010

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