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Label: De Stijl

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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It's taken a long fucking time, and finally, a fully legit LP - only reissue of this amazing Helsinki monsterpiece from 1970. shh ! is highly collectable in it's original form on the band's own O Records imprint (home of 3rd erection, samsa trio, one point music, etc). In a non - dream state, I've seen 2 copies and both were in a condition slightly more well kempt than hammered ++. shh ! is primarily a document of Pekka Airaksinen's experimental compositions, consisting of primitive samples, guitar loop feedback and musique concrete. Probably inspired by a Cage / Stockhausen / et al, but actually more easily peeped in pre - LAFMS world, perhaps sitting aside Ju Suk Reet Meate's do unseen hands make you dumb? also involved were Jan Olof Mallander, who has been active in and around art in several roles; as the editor of Iris, writing reviews for hufvudstadsbladet, contributing to taide, and as the art critic of dagens nyheter. inspired, perhaps, by Gordon Matta Clark's food he converted his cheap thrills gallery into a restaurant and instead of art, served the public vegetarian and macrobiotic cuisine. And Mattijuhani Koponen, a poet, composer, musician, painter, photographer, performance artist, a gardener, activist in men's postmodern liberation movement (the what ?!), he was the primus dramatic motor for the sperm. In december of 1968, during a symphonic poem of reconciliation made by cain and abel, he fucked atop a grand piano and, for it, spent 8 months in the clink. Aside from serving a brief stint in Wigwam, i know little of Vladimir Nikamo but his presence makes sense; Wigwam's first lp is titled hard n' horny. You get the idea. ooh la la..'
Cat. number: IND039
Year: 2009
ltd 500

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