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Soft Power Memento

Label: NNA Tapes

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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Embody Problematic Behavior. These are the three words that Co La uses to describe “Soft Power Memento,” his follow-up EP to 2011′s “Daydream Repeater” debut LP on NNA. Something to mull over while immersing yourself in Co La’s vivid and constantly-evolving world of sound. The spectrum of source material is widened and focused, with an emphasis on acoustic instrumentation and jazz palettes, all diced up and run through the New Anything sound system. Concréte percussive molecules are tenderly arranged and teamed up with clear, heavy bass to retain the danceability and groove that Baltimore is inherently known for. The result is a vibrant, lively, and undeniably innovative collection from one of electronic music’s most tuned-in producers. Program repeats on both sides.
Cat. number: NNA045
Year: 2012

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