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Edward Artemiev

Solaris. Sound And Vision. The Film Album

Label: Song Cycle

Format: Book + CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Deluxe photo-book Edition. Song Cycle Records is pleased to announce the release of Solaris. Sound And Vision – The Film Album, a collector’s edition book, limited to 1000 copies worldwide, that includes the exclusive photo book with unreleased images of the movie set and essays about music and cinema of the duo Artemiev/Tarkovsky, and the soundtrack on CD realised by the great Russian composer Edward Artemiev for the Andrey Tarkovsky’s masterpiece film Solaris (1972)


Dialogue with Andrey Tarkovsky about science-fiction on the screen by Naum Abramov
Interview with Edward Artemiev
Music in Solaris and other Andrey Tarkovsky films by Roberto Calabretto
Exclusive and unreleased images from Solaris

Cat. number: 978-88-903301-3-1
Year: 2018

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