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Jeff Parker, Rob Mazurek

Some Jellyfish Live Forever

Label: Rogueart

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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A great reunion of the Jeff Parker/Rob Mazurek duo – a pair who've only continued to grow strongly in the years since their Chicago Underground classics – and who bring all that sense of energy to play in their music! The sounds here represent the deeper, more mature styles that both musicians have hit – a way of almost being more powerful by being less aggressive – especially from Mazurek, who's got this wonderfully gentle touch on his horn at times – wrapped up in these waves of sound that come from Jeff's guitar. Parker also contributes some other effects, which really map out a creative collage of electric shades – but again, without ever being too overpowering – and Rob responds with some very interesting acoustic shades of his own. Titles include "Proton Stolons", "Water Flower Medusa", "T Dorhnii", and "Beauty Hydroid".

Cat. number: Rog-0059
Year: 2017

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