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The Bath of Surprise - excerpt 1
The Bath of Surprise - excerpt 2
The Bath of Surprise - excerpt 3
The Bath of Surprise - excerpt 4
The Bath of Surprise - excerpt 5

Steve Beresford

The Bath of Surprise (LP)

Label: Piano

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

**Original 1980 copies, we managed to get only a few!** Recorded by Steve Beresford and David Cunningham. Instruments used include: acoustic guitar (with microphone and battery amplifier), percussion, piano, synthesizer (toy), euphonium, trumpet, toy piano, drums, whistling, bass, cymbal, drums, ukulele, cymbal, tape (previous performance), electronics, piano (with toy piano inside), and performer (with whirled bee, whirled tube, clarinet mouthpiece, footclickers, blechtrommel, giggle stick, musicbox, bath water, nailbrush, body, tubes, reeds, balloons, cowbox, musical toothbrush, duck call, electronic bird, squeaky chops, chicken box, toy record player, plastic horn, talking telephone, astro-phaser.

Cat. number: Piano 003
Year: 1980