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The Brain Of The Dog In Section

Label: Atavistic

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Peaked-out duo recordings from one of the founders of the form and his ever adventurous, cello-torque-ing protégé. Recorded live in November 2007 at Chicago's famed Hideout destination, Brö and brother FLH combine for the first time ever in this penultimately intimate configuration. Although 'Braindog' (as we affectionately refer to these hypnotic tones around here) was recorded in an ultra-industrial urban warehouse district, the resulting music is über-organic, almost onomotopaeic at points. Certainly, fans of Schwarzwaldfahrt -- Brötzmann and Bennink's now classic free-jazz camping trip deep into Germany's Black Forest -- are strongly urged to check into this seminal blast.

Cat. number: ALP 186CD
Year: 2008