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Peter Brötzmann


Label: Atavistic

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Long awaited reissue of this historic pre-FMP album by Peter Brotzmann. Known to many for it's placement on "The List" (T. Moore's Top Ten list of free jazz artifacts as published in Grand Royal of course), this is one of the most desirable and completely unseen albums in the genre of modern improvisation. Recorded April 18/24, 1969 and released on the Calig-Verlag label. Simply put, Nipples is one of the rarest and most influential European energy jazz recordings of all time. The incendiary Sextet lineup featured an international cast of musical greats; leader Brötzmann and bassist Buschi Niebergall (Germany), tenor saxophonist Evan Parker and guitarist Derek Bailey (UK), and pianist Fred Van Hove (Belgum). Virtually everything about Nipples is simply the stuff of legend. The most revered lineup in the history of Euro free jazz got together on only one occasion to record a genre-defining album in the most creative & hallowed of German studios (Conny Plank's), and the result has been out of print for 30 years.
Cat. number: UMS/ALP205 CD
Year: 2000

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