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The Everything And The Nothing

Label: Infraction

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Out now.. Celer is a husband (Will) and wife (Danielle) duo from California that use a variety of strings as the basis for their sound. Cello, viola, violin and the sounds are mixed in with field recordings, choir, live theremin and then tape spliced and re-assembled in varying lengths to create a loop base. Those sounds are then sampled, layered and processed. The result is a shimmering orchestra. Periods of silence between the notes only enhance the sound. Though at times very haunting, it's brightly hazy ambient. Initially "Discourses..." was to be 1 full-length CD with a bonus CDR ("The Everything and the Nothing") to accompany the first 100 copies. When Celer presented the bonus material, with field recordings mixed in obtained by Danielle over several months in India, the quality of the material was so high that it was suggested and agreed to instead be a concurrent release of two full-length discs. Edition of 300.
Cat. number: INFX 036
Year: 2008
"Outtakes And Ephemera From The Discourses Of The Withered, In 13 Parts" Digipak, Limited to 300 copies. CD consists of a single track, total time 71:06. Titles are given for different sections of the piece, but are not indexed.

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