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File under: free improvisation

The Liquid Trio

The Liquid Trio Plays Bernoulli

Label: Fundacja Sluchaj!

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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"The Liquid Trio Plays Bernoulli is the new album which was released on October 23 by Fundacja Sluchaj. The album was recorded by Liquid Trio – it’s Agusti Fernandez (piano), Albert Cirera (saxophones) and Ramon Prats (drums). The musicians iquid Trio are playing together for a long time now. Through the years of their musical career they had formed, created and masterfully improved their own playing style and manner. Energetic and active collective improvisations are full of strong, powerful and expressive sound, different moods and characters are twisted together in one composition. Own, creative and expressive playing styles by each musician are masterfully connected together. Colorful and dynamic, subtle and silent, powerful and solid – the music by this trio is always interesting, full of numerous different music styles,playing techniques and expressions.

The album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz. Furious and intense sound, expressive collective improvisations, high variety of playing techniques and musical language elements are the main elements of this album compositions. The main part of the album have very active and energetic sound which is effectual combined with silent and subtle episodes. The musicians are using many different playing techniques to expand from comfort zone of traditional sound, technical abilities of their instruments and create effective and impressive sound".

From Avant Scena.

File under: free improvisation
Cat. number: FSR 08|2017
Year: 2018