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Roscoe Mitchell

The Solo Concert


Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

2013 release. "Presented here are parts from three solo concerts from the early 1970s. Roscoe Mitchell plays soprano, alto, tenor, and bass saxophones. One of the tracks on this LP reissue includes an early version of 'Noonah,' a composition that many of his followers will recognize. Originally released on Sackville recordings in 1974 as The Roscoe Mitchell Solo Saxophone Concerts, this historical reissue has been remastered and contains the same material as the original, which is primarily solo concerts from Montreal, Michigan, and Pori, Finland recorded in 1973-1974. It captures Roscoe Mitchell in a very important period in his development as a musician, as he started exploring his own solo voice again after a very productive period with the Art Ensemble of Chicago. It beautifully displays his virtuosity and range on the different horns in the saxophone family, and many of the melodies he explores in these recordings were expanded on in his later works. It is truly a peek into how some of his elaborate compositions may have begun."

Cat. number: TIZONA 010LP
Year: 2013