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The Wumme Years, 1970-73

Label: ReR Megacorp

Format: 5 x CDbox

Genre: Psych

In stock


Truly exxential! The ultimate collection from the legendary inventors of krautrock. This 5 CD set contains ALL Faust's early classic albums, a John Peel session, and unreleased early material. The 40 page booklet is stuffed with unpublished photos, stills from Super 8 footage from the famous studio at Wumme, and revealing interviews with many of the key players in the Faust story. CDs: Faust (the famous clear first album), So Far (the famous black second album), The Faust Tapes (for the first time ever with a track listing), 71 Minutes (The Last LP and Munic and Elsewhere LPs), BBC Sessions (classic radio session plus substantial extra material). Interviews include band members Jean Herve Peron and Jochen Irmler, with a memoir from Blegvad. Reclusive producer Uwe Nettlebeck and legendary sound engineer Kurt Graupner speak here for the first time. Many of the photos illustrating the book are from private collections, and have never been published." This box set is a limited edition and it's long term availability is not likely. The enclosed albums will be available as individual CDs in the future, but the booklet is exclusive to this box set.

Cat. number: RER FB1
Year: 2008

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