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Tomorrow's Gift

Tomorrow's Gift (2Lp)

Label: Long Hair

Format: LPx2

In stock


Originally issued in 1970, the first album by German band Tomorrow's Gift is a true Krautrock classic. It contains long, powerful tracks with plenty of guitar, organ, flute and drum solos. And of course there are Ellen Meyer's strong vocals which bring to mind Frumpy's Inga Rumpf, or Janis Joplin. Indeed, Tomorrow's Gift and Frumpy had a lot in common musically, and both are highly appreciated by genre lovers. For this reissue the recordings were newly remastered and you also get a 28-booklet featuring a comprehensive band history by founder Manfred Rürop, generously spiced with unseen photos.

Cat. number: LHC - 164
Year: 2017
Genre: Psych
File under: Kraut