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giuseppe ielasi

Untitled 2011
€ 11.00
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giuseppe ielasi - Untitled 2011

giuseppe ielasi

Untitled 2011

€ 11.00

LABEL: Entr'acte
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. E129 | YEAR. (2012)

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*Limited edition of 350 copies in a vacuum packed metallic foil packaged with embossed lettering* Giuseppe Ielasi - sound artist, mastering engineer, label owner, half of Bellows - presents his most substantial solo release since 2009s 'Aix' for 12k with this untitled collection for London's Entr'acte. The eight unmarked tracks were produced in Spring/Summer 2011 and, much like his other work, would appear to be concerned with the minutiae and textured infidelities of the recording process as much as they are with quietly reflective melody and tiny, fractured rhythms. We're not given any hints to the provenance of the source material; it may be vintage shellac, guitars, synths, and/or field recordings - at a guess all of the above and more - and that's probably, purposefully, part of this sound's enigmatic appeal. But what really gets us about Giuseppe's work, and this one in particular, is the way he renders those sounds, creating nano-fine layers of dusty space in their cracks and allowing the detritus to organically seep forth, enriching the atmosphere with an almost supernatural presence. And for all the experimental techniques and minimalist aesthetic, there's a real warmth and soul to his music which is far from academic and while certainly not pop, it's got evolving structures and arrangements which spell out hypnotic tales more intriguing and involving than most folk who operate at this depth and quietude.

ielasi untitled 2011

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Limited edition of 350 copies in a vacuum packed metallic foil packaged with embossed lettering
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